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Getting Started

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Getting Started

For basic hosting, Hostfurl uses a common and familiar approach, which is

  • Sign up for an account
  • Purchase a domain name
  • Subscribe to an agreed plan (which can include purchase of a domain name)
  • Wait for confirmation of plan (which can be very quick)
  • Make updates to website
  • For email, add in users and passwords with admin panel
  • Purchase other domains or add in sub domains. Perform admin tasks
  • Inform email users of their logins

Transferring across email from a non Hostfurl account

There are free transfer services. One has an inexpensive paid version for those who do not want to read manuals. They use the IMAP protocol and Hostfurl is not aware of any email service that does not provide an IMAP service. IMAP only transfers email. So calendars, contacts and tasks are not included with a transfer.

Be prepared beforehand and be prepared to keep accounts running together. Transferring across 10 GB of email can be done in a few hours when both servers are in the same geographical region with good bandwidth. Transferring across 1TB (1000 GB) of email can take over a month using the same particular service, due to the nature of the protocol. These are typical ‘when all else fails’ results due to access limitations and difficulties using backups with an email client.

Internally, for server to server within Hostfurl, Hostfurl can achieve far quicker results.

To be documented.

Verifying email addresses from the default contact form - Double Opt In

You cannot assume that a contact email address on a web form was filled in by the owner of an email address. You must confirm by email itself the contact is genuine. This is known as ‘Double Opt In’.