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Account Types

For hostfurl, ‘account’ has different meanings depending on context.

Main Account Types - Customer, Server, Email

  • Customer Account - An account on for ordering, payment and support. A customer account includes one or more services.
  • Server Account - Functionally a server account can be described as a ‘web interface administration account for multiple web and email domains’. A purchased server service on a customer account is represented as a server account on a physical server and is administered through its web interface. Although a single server account is accessed and so named by one domain, the server account represents multiple hosting and email domains on the single physical server, because customers can attach extra web and email domains themselves. There can be more than one server account on the same physical server for different sets of domains and different server accounts can be on more than one physical server. Extra domains can even be transferred between server accounts.
  • Email account - A customer created email account on an email domain belonging to a server account

Additional accounts

  • Secure Shell - Each different server account has its own chroot secure shell (SSH) account giving access in a file hierarchy to files of all of the accounts domains (both web and email).

  • Additional Server Associated Accounts - Additional normal accounts associated with having accounts on a server and controlled by a server account. Such as secure FTP. FTP use is not required and is not recommended.

  • Forum Account - An account on Hostfurl Forums to make public postings. A forum account can be created without being a customer and no customer needs to create a forum account.